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Coronavirus (COVID-19)


For anybody that is concerned about making their mortgage payments during the Coronavirus crisis please note the following :

  1. * Please contact your mortgage lender as soon as you feel this will impact on you to discuss your options with them.

  2. * If your employment situation or general finances mean you won’t be impacted by the Coronavirus financially lenders are advising you to continue with your mortgage payments as normal.

  3. .* Do not cancel your mortgage direct debit. You must have permission from your lender to have a mortgage payment holiday & they will advise you of the next steps .

  4. * Be aware that if your mortgage payment is stopped for up to three months these payments will be added to your mortgage balance which will increase your mortgage debt & your mortgage payments will then be recalculated by your lender over the remaining term. The monthly payment and the amount of interest you will pay will increase for the remaining term of the mortgage.

  5. * You will not incur any charges to do this neither will you damage your credit history .

  6. * In order to take a mortgage payment holiday your mortgage must not be in arrears. If your mortgage is currently in arrears please speak to your lender about your options.

  7. * If you are currently in the process of a remortgage or product transfer lenders are advising you to continue as normal.

  8. * If you are concerned about your mortgage options & would like to talk to someone please feel free to contact us or use the chat facility on this website.

⭐️Mortgages With Joy has not provided any advice to anyone with this information but it is intended to be for guidance & general information only ⭐️